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Registration of the Child as Pakistani Citizen

  1. For registration of newly born baby in Jordan, Forms S-I is required to be filled in and submitted to the Embassy (Download Form S-I)
  2. Two recent photographs (2″x1.5″) of the child with white or blue background
  3. Birth Certificate issued by Jordanian Government with both parents’ name on it. (Preferably both English & Arabic)
  4. Copy of the Passport & NICOP of Father and Mother (Mother’s NICOP Must have Husband name on it)
  5. Copy of valid Jordanian residence permit of both parents
  6. In case of Foreigner Mother, an Affidavit declaring “No Objection” for registration of her child as Pakistani


Form S1 issued on the same day

Consular Jurisdiction of Embassy of Pakistan Amman includes, Jordan and State of Palestine. Residents of the following states are provided with consular services at the Embassy of Pakistan Amman, Jordan.

  1. Jordan
  2. Palestine
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