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Ordinary Machine Readable Passport is issued to all citizens of Pakistan.

The Embassy will process issuance of the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) valid for Five years & Ten years subject to fee deposit.

​Children under 15 years of age will be only issued Passports having 05 years validity.

Categories of Passport

​There are two categories of Ordinary Machine Readable Passport, only for variation among application type/procedure of obtaining passport.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) after being successfully processed, usually require the following time duration for its delivery.

Time Duration (approx.)
Urgent   -  08 to 12 days
Normal  -  20 to 25 days

Following are the mandatory requirements for applying Machine Readable Passport (MRP).

​Pre-Requisite/ Documents Required for
​a) Normal/Urgent, Age18 & Above
  1. Personal appearance of the applicants
  2. Original Bank Challan (receipt) with prescribed fee deposits.
  3. Original valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)/NICOP/Smart-Card issued by NADRA with its 1-photocopy.
  4. OLD Passport with its photocopy (pages 1 to 7) or (Pages 1 to 2) in case of Computerized Passport.
  5. NOC in case of a Government Servant.
  6. In case of loss of passport following additional requirements are mandatory:-

          a. Lost Report from the local Police authorities mentioning the Passport Number of the lost Passport.
          b. Photocopy of the lost passport, its number, date and place of issue, and date of its expiry.

b) Normal/Urgent Under 18
  1. ​Original Bank Challan (receipt) with prescribed fee deposits.
  2. Original NICOP or Original Computerized Child Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA with its 1-photocopy (Original NICOP with 1 photocopy is a must if above 14 years)
  3. Copies of Parents' Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)/NICOP, physical appearance of either of them (Father/Mother).
  4. Foreign Passport along with its photocopy (for Dual-Nationality holders only).
  5. A consent/No Objection Certificate, signed by both parents.
  6. In case of loss of passport following additional requirements are mandatory:-

          a. Lost Report from the local Police authorities mentioning the Passport Number of the lost Passport
          b. Photocopy of the lost passport, its number, date and place of issue, and date of its expiry.

In case of the loss of passport following formalities will be completed:

  1. Police report to be lodged with the concerned police station mentioning previous passport number.
  2. Requisite fee as per nature of loss i.e. 1st loss, 2nd loss, 3rd loss to be deposited in the Bank.
  3. On 3rd Loss of Passport, the Embassy will issue emergency passport for return to Pakistan with intimation to Director. General I&P. In Pakistan, the case will be referred to DG for further action.

Passport Fee in USD (To be paid in the local currency)

Normal Passport
36 Pages
100 Pages
5 Year Validity
$35.0JOD 25.0$69.0JOD49.0
10 Year Validity
$52.5JOD 38.0$103.5JOD74.0
Urgent Passport
36 Pages
100 Pages
5 Year Validity
$58.0JOD 42.0$138.0JOD98.0
10 Year Validity
$87.0JOD 63.0$207.0JOD147.0

Options for Fee Deposit: Please check all requirements before submission of FEE as PASSPORT FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Fee may be deposited in the Embassy’s account, "Arab Bank near the Embassy". The deposit slip may be received from the Passport Section of the Embassy.

Note: Passport Fee is non-refundable.

Passport Procedure

  • Machine Readable Passports are processed during Sunday-Wednesday from 0900-1230 hours except on public holidays.
  • Collection timing for collection of passports are fixed from Sunday to Wednesday from 1400-1500 hours.
  • Upon reaching the Embassy the applicants who are in possession of the requisite documents (NICOP/Old passport, photocopies of the documents and fee receipt etc) will receive their queue token from the Security Guard (please bring photocopies of the relevant documents. ).
  • After receiving the token, the applicants will wait in the Consular Hall, in front of the MRP Section for their turn.
  • The MRP process will commence at the Photographic Desk (required documents will be scrutinized and photograph bearing token will be issued).
  • Applicants will then proceed to the next counter for finger prints/ data entry.
  • Finally, applicants will be interviewed and decision will be made / conveyed by the in charge MRP for further processing in Islamabad.

Delivery period for normal passports is about 20 to 25 days, while urgent passports are delivered within 10 to 12 days approximately.

The new passports can be collected during Sunday- Wednesday from 1400-1500 hours except on public holidays and during Ramadan.

Collection Options

Option 1

Applicants are advised to collect their new passports from the Embassy in person. The applicants are requested to bring their previous original passports and the MRP Token receipt at the time of delivery.

 Option 2

However if due to some unavoidable circumstances the applicants are unable to come to the Embassy in person, they can  collect their new passports through a designated person who carries a signed authority letter from the  applicant, his own identity and the applicant’s previous passport.


​ In case of applicants residing in countries neighboring , where MRP facility is not available, the new MRPs are sent to the Pakistani Embassy/ Consulate situated in the country of their residence, on courier expenses to be borne by the applicants themselves.

Such applicants can receive their new passports from the concerned Embassy / Consulate directly. The Embassy will not be responsible for loss of passport through post.

  1. In case the applicants are below 18 years of age, they should be accompanied by either of the parents/legal guardian, along with original plus two copies of passports of both the parents.
  2. Applicants’ thumbs and index fingers of both right and left hands should be without any indelible coloring e.g. ink or henna (menhdi) for proper finger prints.
  3. It is mandatory that both ears of the applicants are visible at the time of taking photographs.
  4. No endorsement in MRP is possible. e) Names of children cannot be included in parents' passport.
  5. For applicants serving in the Government of Pakistan service, no objection letter (NOC) from their parent department and authorization from Directorate General of Immigration and Passports are also mandatory.
  6. In case of dual nationals please bring original passport of that country and its copy along with the Pakistani passport.
  7. In case of Government Officer/Employee (Federal or Provincial departments  of Pakistan/Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Departments/ Defence Forces), must bring original NOC addressed to the Embassy for Issuance of Passport by the Competent Authority. The employees who have left Government service must bring original Resignation Acceptance/ Service Termination Certificate.
  8. If CNIC/NICOP is valid but picture does not match your current facial features, please revise picture on NICOP prior to coming for MRP.
  9. Appointment is mandatory in case of application for Diplomatic or Official Passports.

Children born to Pakistan National Parents (either father or mother) are eligible for Pakistani Passport.

Registration of Child’s Birth must be done with the Embassy of Pakistan, Amman within six months after the birth. Birth Registration Process can be seen on the following link.

(Download Forms SI)

Following are the Requirements for the New Born Babies;

  1. Children successfully registered with the Embassy will get form S-1.
  2. After issuance of form S-1, NICOP must be applied online on the following link. http://id.nadra.gov.pk/
  3. Eventually, the passport will be processed upon issuance of NICOP/Smart card.
  4. Further Documents required are:

           a. Parents' CNIC and copies
           b. Visa and their photocopy copies
           c. Accompanied by father or mother
           d. Birth certificate and its photocopy
           e. Consent Form signed by both parents
     5. Children under 15 Years of age will be issued 05 years validity passport.  

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