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Embassy of Pakistan, Amman, Jordan Observes Kashmir Solidarity Day – 2023

This Mission organized a Seminar on Kashmir Solidarity Day at the Chancery. The event was attended by Jordanian notables, members of academia, think tanks, media and Pakistani community.


The speakers included Mr. Marwan Faouri, President of Global Moderation Forum; Mr. M. Al Halaiga, former Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Trade, Jordan; Mr. Omar Al Armouti, Historian Writer; Mr. Salah Hammad, President of Graduate Club; and Major General Sajjad Ali Khan (Retd), Ambassador of Pakistan to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Speakers highlighted the plight of Kashmiris under continued Indian occupation. They underscored that Jammu & Kashmir was the unfinished agenda of the Partition of British India, which led to illegal Indian occupation of Jammu & Kashmir, and it must be resolved justly.


The speakers condemned India for revocation of Article 370 & 35A, (which guaranteed the independent status of IOK as per the Indian Constitution), on 5 August 2019 and asked the international community to compel India to abstain from taking these illegal actions.


The speakers praised the courage and valiance of Kashmiris for their determination in the face of Indian state tyranny and for waging the historic and sacred struggle against the Indian occupation and oppression. Moreover, similarities between Palestine and Kashmir disputes were also drawn as both the stories were replete with grave human tragedies and sufferings at the hands of occupying powers. Special prayers were also offered for the martyrs of Jammu & Kashmir and Palestine and for the freedom of Kashmir and Palestine. The participants also offered Fatiha for the Shuhadas of recent earthquake in Turkiye & Syria the tragic incident at Peshawar Mosque.




6 February 2023

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