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List of Do’s and Don’ts in Jordan


  1. Do carry a positive disposition and be courteous.
  2. Do shake hands when meeting people; conservative veiled women may not reach out.
  • Be polite and standup while greeting others.
  1. Do accept when Arabic coffee is offered to you by your host, as it is a sign of hospitality.
  2. Do shake your cup from side to side in order to decline a refill of your coffee.
  3. Do tip waiters approximately 10% gratuity in addition to the bill (unless a service charge is included in the total bill).
  • Do dress conservatively when exploring public areas of Jordan.
  • Do make space for the elderly and women on public transportation.
  1. Do extend respect to the Royal family.


  1. Do not discuss sensitive political matters in public.
  2. Do not discuss sectarian matters since Jordanians are tolerant and accommodative of cultures, sects and religions other than their own.
  • Do not ask for personal favors.
  1. Don’t interrupt, or pass in front of, a Muslim who may be praying in a public place.
  2. Don’t openly consume food, beverages, or cigarettes in public places during the holy month of Ramadan.
  3. Don’t dress provocatively when walking outdoors.
  • Don’t panic if an acquaintance “peck” you on the cheeks when greeting you, as Arabs have traditionally kissed each other on both cheeks as a warm gesture of welcome and affection.
  • Don’t feel uncomfortable if your host insists on “over feeding” you during a meal, as Arabs traditionally view food as an important symbol of hospitality, generosity, and goodwill.


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