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@Amman: 16-Jul-2024 5:30 am

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Immigration Opportunities/Legal Requirements relevant to Jordan

Jordan has limited employment opportunities. The current Jordanian Government had announced that it intends to follow a “Zero Expatriates Workers in Jordan” Policy. Jordan has many foreign workers in different sectors especially from Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. In order to increase the local employment, the Jordanian Government has recently adopted strict policies towards foreign workers. The decision to create more jobs for the locals at the cost of expatriates is of huge significance. Although the decision is merited locally due to high unemployment and protectionist policies of the Government, it will have wider implications for the Pakistani diaspora in Jordan. Pakistan is on restricted visa countries’ list and approvals are involved to get Jordanian visa by Pakistani national. Due to this reason, it is difficult for the Jordanian Employers to hire Pakistani employees.

Jordan has limited employment opportunities for Pakistani nationals. The total number of Pakistani community living in Jordan is around 15,000 approximately. Among these, around 90 % are working in the Agriculture sector. These people came to Jordan in late 1960s. Besides the farmers, there are few Pakistanis doing textile and small businesses and some are working in UN bodies/International organizations. There are four garment factories owned by Pakistani Businessmen, who have employed around 750 Pakistani Nationals. Few Pakistanis are working on small shops. Some Pakistanis retired from Pakistan Air Force are working as technicians on contract basis on the air bases of Royal Jordanian Air Force.



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