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Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC)

The Special Investment Facilitation Council of Pakistan (SIFC) is a pivotal government agency dedicated to fostering an environment conducive to investment and economic growth in Pakistan.

As a one-stop platform, SIFC aims to streamline and expedite the investment process for both local and foreign investors. Their website serves as a valuable resource hub, offering comprehensive information on investment opportunities, regulatory frameworks, and assistance mechanisms. Through this digital portal, potential investors can explore Pakistan’s diverse sectors, access essential guidelines, and initiate investment inquiries, contributing to the nation’s economic progress. Discover the future of investment in Pakistan at the SIFC website. (https://www.sifc.gov.pk)

Vision Statement:

To contribute towards economic revival of Pakistan by significantly expanding the Investment pie from foreign and domestic sources, achieving macro-economic stability, bringing socio-economic prosperity and reclaiming rightful stature among the comity of nations.

Mission Statment

To attract investments from friendly countries in identified sectors through an empowered organization that serves as a ‘single-window’ platform for facilitation, and to improve the ease of doing business for potential investors through a ‘Whole of Government Approach’ – achieving optimal horizontal-vertical synergy and facilitation by the Pakistan Army.

SIFC Mandate:

  1. SIFC shall focus on investment and privatization, initially in five areas: Defense, Agriculture, Minerals, Information Technology & Telecommunication, and Energy (referred to as relevant fields).
  2. Act as a ‘Single Window’ for multi-domain cooperation in relevant fields, with a focus on GCC countries in particular and other countries in general, to facilitate investment and develop an enabling policy environment.
  3. Prepare a long-term roadmap for growth, development, and investment in the relevant fields, while capitalizing on low-hanging fruit. In this version, “roadmap” has an article “a,” and “low-hanging fruit” is hyphenated for proper usage as an adjective.

  4. Enhance awareness of Pakistan’s latent potential in the relevant fields.
  5. Explore new opportunities to expand cooperation in the relevant fields.
  6. Improving the ease of doing business by undertaking the following:
    • Overcoming systemic/bureaucratic hurdles.
    • Optimizing horizontal-vertical synergy – coordination between the federal and provincial levels.
  7. Coordinate Pakistan Army’s assistance for the purposes mentioned above, as is being done in other countries, such as China, Indonesia, etc. 
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